Sunday, 23 September 2012

Video Genre

Concept Video - Centres on a specific idea or concept, it never portrays performances, only stories or images.

Gag Video - Relies on visual tricks and effects.

Narrative Video - Tells a story with a beginning, middle and an end.

Performance Video - Focuses on the artist or band performing a song, this could be in a live session or in an actual performance.

Club / Party Video - Set mainly or entirely in a night club or at a party.

Animated Video - Features animated images in which the band or artist may or may not appear.

Film Clip Video - Created when a song is featured on a film soundtrack and contains clips from the film.

Dance Video - Features dancing, usually choreographed.

This is a good example of a dance video as there is a good dance routine through out the music video. The dance moves also match the lyrics of the song, making the audience understand the lyrics better.

Song Title - Let Me Love You
Music Artist - Ne-Yo
Genre - RnB

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