Sunday, 23 September 2012

Audio Selection

I have been looking through many audio tracks produced by my self and I have decided what one I am going to use for my music video. The song is very fast paced and has a very good baseline in the body of the track. This will allow me to edit the track better as i can use cuts on the base making it look smooth and in place.

Moonz Outkast - Starry Eyed Remix (ft. Prof.Hit)


I'm sitting on my own still reminiscing about the times me and my brother smoking pipes just to kill off time.

But time's up and they took away his life real talk I cried oceans the day that my brother died.
Burning all this sorrow that I'm feeling inside emotion tuning into sound when I'm burning the mic.
I'm trying to reach the top but its getting harder to climb and my hands are getting saw like the roller coaster ride.

Now I'm thinking about this life that I'm living. Is the money worth all the crime and the sinning?
Is my mums tears worth seeing every other day? Will I succeed in life or locked with a prison mate?

All I wanna do is fly until I'm with the stars. Five six figures in my black credit card.
Porsche GT forty bags on the car. Five star holidays living life on mars. 

I feel really bad for all the hearts I broke in my life. I know that it hurts and you're burning inside.
So don't feel down tonight there's a man that will treat you right so hold tight.
I do what I do for the finest things. Chains; gold; diamond rings.
People don't know what I got for show so I show no love because I hate being judged.

Now they got me shining like poles. I'm putting hearts on a page and watch it turn into gold.
For now I'm trying to make it snow...snow.

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