Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Past Students Work (analysis)

In this music video done by previous Park High Sixth-form students there was a lot of creative ideas and good use of conventions. They have involved a dance routine throughout the music video in both day and night time and are dressed in suitable clothing. All three girls danced on time and on beat making the video look a lot more professional.

A good use of narrative is also used between a male and female's love story. In most music videos I have seen it has the male leaving the female but in this music video them conventions are broken with the female actor (Yasmin) taking control of the situation. Despite them being deeply in love leaving seems to be the only option as the facial expressions show that their relationship is based around arguments and anger.

Lip syncing is done to a very good level as i have not seen one part where the syncing is off. It grabs the audience's attention when lip syncing is done properly as the professionalism of the video is brought together. The editing was done to a good level too. The cuts are on beat and are in necessary times with the narrative i.e. cuts between the conversation.

The camera work is excellent especially in the beginning of the video with the birds eye view over London. Many different shots have been brought together such as close-ups, medium shots and long shots in all angles i.e high and low. This gave me a variety of shots to look at stopping the video from being repetitive and boring.

I am going to keep this analysis in mind when constructing my music video as I feel I can learn a lot, especially on the creative shots used in the music video.

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