Sunday, 23 December 2012

Evaluation question 3: What have you learned from audience feedback

Main feedback received:

Miss O'Shea: The video is good but at times it seems boring especially on the second verse. I recommend you look into the pace of the edits and find ways to engage your audience.
Solution: Applied fast edits on the second verse to make it more exciting to watch.

Justicia: I like the video but i feel some bits look like they're shot in different times of days even though you can tell they have been shot at the same time. I feel you need to make some shots lighter and some a bit darker just to make them look more matching.
Solution: Made specific shots a bit darker and some shots lighter just to balance out the lighting within different shots taken.

Social networking sites used:

I feel feedback is very important as it highlights places that you are going wrong. While constructing a music video in your eyes things may look good but in the audiences eyes they may look at it different. Audience feedback has helped me and my partner Aruran produce a product that looks better in our eyes and our audiences eyes.

Me and my partner Aruran went around the sixth-form to gather feedback on our final product. We put together a questionnaire and handed out twenty. The questionnaire went as follows:

What did you like about the music video?

What was your favorite part?

Did you understand the narrative?

Do you feel the editing was done well? (if not what could have been improved)

Do you feel the video went well with the audio?

Over all the feedback received was very positive, everybody enjoyed the music video and felt it fitted in with the audio well. Most manage to understand the narrative at first time watching but some had to see it a second time. They felt the editing was on beat and was done professionally but others felt it could have been better.

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