Monday, 24 December 2012

Evaluation 4: How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages

While I was constructing my products I came across many different technologies that I needed to learn to use to help me construct my final products.

The first use of new technology I had to use in order to construct my media product was the mac. This was the first time I got an opportunity to use the mac and at first I found it very difficult, but I slowly got use to it. This hardware system provided me with many software's that I used through out my journey. These included Photoshop and final-cut pro.

I used photo-shop to help me edit photos for my music video advert and my digipak photos. I used the effects to help me edit the contrast & lighting of my photos to make them look better. It also allowed me to add text to my photos e.g. the track list on my back cover. This software has really helped me produce good quality final products.

Final-Cut pro allowed me to put my videos together. I edited my video clips by putting frames together, adding special effects and making edits where needed. I used this software in most of my tasks and came very handy to me. It also allowed me to export my photos allowing me to upload them to You-Tube which was later uploaded onto my blog.

Adobe Premier was also used for video editing but I only used this software for my music video. It provided very similar services to Final Cut Pro allowing me to edit my videos, add special effects and play with the colour. This came to good use for my final product as it allowed me to construct a very professional looking music video. 

I used my mobile phone throughout my journey as I needed to use it to take photos of evidence for my blog. I also used it for social networking websites while gathering feedback. I emailed many people showing them my music video via Facebook and gathered a decent amount of feedback. I also used it to promote my music video on other social networking websites such as Twitter.

A tripod was used to help me keep the camera as still as possible in specific shots. It was very annoying to carry around but I feel it was a very important gadget to use. It stopped the camera from shaking in shots, without it some shots would have been very shaky. I used the tripod for my final product on my music video and for a lot of my past tasks.

The camera I used was a Canon 550-D. This camera allowed me to take very high quality footage. This camera let me attach a prime lens to it enhancing the quality even more. It had a 32 gig memory card allowing me to record for a very long time. The camera had two options, 720P and 1080P, 1080P was used to provide even better quality footage. 

Last of all I used an online facility which provided the service of an online blog. I have used this facility to upload all of my coursework on, I can label my posts to make the work more organized. I have used blogger to my advantage by uploading my tasks onto it and extra research.

YouTube was used in order for me to upload my work. I also was able to use the service they provide to watch music videos, helping me plan my own. I analysed many music videos help me gain a deeper understanding on the conventions. I managed to used this knowledge and apply it to my very own music video, which was later uploaded on YouTube.

I used social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to research on my audience. I managed to find out my set target audience by asking questions on a simple status update regarding the type of genre people are into. I gained many responses, helping me aim for a set target audience.

Power point / Prezi were both used throughout my coursework from pitches to answering evaluation questions. The software was very handy as it allowed me to design presentations to the way I like, enabling me to change background colours, fonts, text styles and even add photos. I feel this software was very efficient and enabled me to make professional presentations.

To answer evaluation questions I found my webcam very useful. I recorded my self talking directly about the question asked from evaluation question 3 and 2. When i was happy with the recording take I then uploaded it on YouTube which was later up uploaded onto my blog.

Screen grab 1 (Facebook)

Screen grab 2 (Prezi)

Screen grab 3 (YouTube)

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