Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Inspiration on special effects


I have chosen this music video by John Wayne as there is specific special effects used that caught my eye and could be used in my music video.

The first special effect that i liked the look of was when John Wayne jumps in slow motion. This part of the music video grabbed my attention as the video has some fast cuts but the slow down brings down the pace. Despite the tempo change i feel it fits well as the slow down is on beat making it fit in and it differentiates from the other shots. The second image above shows a shot of a fast forwarded frame. This grabbed my attention as it fits in with the lyrics he says, it also nicely sets up a change in the shot. This looked very powerful within the visuals and made certain parts seem more powerful then they would have been if they were presented at normal pace.

A second effect that i liked was the colour change of the frame. This created a 'flash' effect bringing excitement within the music video. I feel this could be used in my music video at certain parts especially when  the flow of the lyrics speed up. I may try do the opposite by making the colour of the video look more dull when i slow down frames. This maybe effective if I do it correctly as it will differentiate these shots from others. This may work better for my music video as the instrumental used is very slow paced and the song is emotional, grabbing my audience's emotion helping them relate to the song more.

On an all i feel the special effects in this music video had a major impact of the success of the song as they helped bring excitement to the visuals. I must make sure that the effects used will fit in with the visuals, if not it may backfire and not look as good as it is supposed to.

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