Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Camera used (Canon 550D)

Me and my partner used a Canon 550D to record our music video. This is a manual camera allowing us to manually manage how the camera is focused in shots. We played around with the focus while recording allowing us to blur out the background and fade into the foreground.

The main reason we used this camera is because of the recording quality. It gives us the option to record in both 1080P and 720P which are both HD options. We are going to record in 1080P to guarantee us the best quality shots this camera can provide to us.

A prime lens will also be used as an attachment to our camera. This will provide us with even better quality shots and allows us to use a manual zoom option. We don't think we will be using zoom in our music video as it may effect our quality within the shots but we will have an extra function available for use.

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