Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Analysis of Lil Wayne (feat Bruno Mars) - Mirror

The second video i have chosen is 'Mirror' by Lil Wayne and featuring Bruno Mars. Through out this video there is clear relationship between the lyrics and the visuals selected. The lyrics are very deep e.g. 'With everything happening today you don't know if your coming or going' As this line is said a close up shot and a long shot is used both showing Lil Wayne directly talking to the camera. This grabbed my attention as it made me feel as if Lil Wayne is directly talking to me. I felt this is a smart way of presenting a song as attention of viewers are instantly grabbed, making them take a deeper listen to the lyrics within the song. This could of also been done to make us feel as if we are the mirror Lil Wayne, i say this because in some shots he looks deep into the camera as if we are non-existent. A good use of props are used in this shot, this includes spray cans and a ladder. At first we are unaware of why these props are in the shot but we do discover that Lil Wayne is constructing a huge painting further into the video. Lil Wayne's costume goes very well with the theme of the video as it is a very dark tune, with his tattoos representing his pain. Lil Wayne is very well known for being topless in his videos it is almost as if it's a trademark for him and it always seems to work well for him. He has managed to build a unique character within his career that is known to be crazy, rich and weird; his fans seem to love this as it makes Lil Wayne differentiate from the rest.

Straight cuts are used within this music video between the two musicians. The verses are mainly shots of Lil Wayne and the chorus cuts to shots of Bruno Mars. This is a good way to show the audience who is rapping and who is singing as people who are first time listeners would need it to be clear on who is the rapper and who is the singer as they may be unfamiliar with the artist. Bruno Mars  was provided with a good costume, this consists of a top hat along with a black top and black jeans. Once again i feel this fits in with the theme well as the song represents pain and struggle, black can contrast this well through its darkness. Bruno Mars was also provided with a trademark object, this is his black top hat. Ever since his single 'Grenade' Bruno Mars was known to be the man with the top hat, giving his fans the satisfaction they deserve.

Through out the music video there are shots of a painting being constructed, we do not get a full shot of what exactly it is being painted until the end where the demonic figure of Lil Wayne is reveled. The colours red and black flood the painting representing the harsh reality Lil Wayne is going through. I feel the side story of the painting being constructed was used to help build suspense within the music video. If the video was only of Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars rapping and singing to the camera viewers may get bored so i feel this was done to keep us on our toes. The song is called Mirror so i think the demon figure symbolizes Lil Wayne's inner self, or maybe it represents the pain Lil Wayne is going through in this period of time? We will never know exactly what it symbolizes but we  will know its fulfilled with pain and struggle.

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