Monday, 10 September 2012

I have chosen this song by an Iranian artist called Arash and features a female singer 'Helena'. The reason i chose this video is because of the amazing camera shots, the astonishing editing skills and most importantly the superb use of special effects.

There is a variety of different shots used for example: low angle long shots, high angle long shots, low angle close up shots and many more. These shots have been edited together very well to form a sequence, allowing a story to be created. This story includes a female 'Helena' who is struggling to forget about her ex husband as he passed away. I feel the story used is good as if fits well with the audio track and many viewers are sure to be able to relate to it. The lip syncing in this video is done to perfection. This makes the video feel a lot more realistic as Arash sings to Helena. If the video was off sync i feel it will kill the entire romance of the video; by the video being realistic it definitely drags the viewer making them feel involved with the video.

The effects used in this video are astonishing. Different special effects are used in different scenes, helping the viewers capture what Arash and Helena are going through. Their love is expressed through changes of the weather, from sun to rain. Effects were used to create a graphical and artificial environment though it looks realistic at the same time, almost as if this fairy tale they are living in is real. A good example of this is:

Arash's soul is shown to be blown away in a volcanic environment representing pain and rage. Although it is done through effects and is not real i still feel this artificial world looks believable. The camera shot used is a long shot from behind. This allows us to experience this place that Arash is in as we are pulled in through the mise-en-scene.

The relationship between the visuals and the lyrics go together perfectly. 'I'm so lonely broken angel, I'm so lonely listen to my heart.' As this is sung it shows Helena all alone in the shower crying. This shot is presented to make viewers have an understanding of how hard it must be for Helena, from being deeply in love to being hurt. If a shot was shown of her happy with a new husband in this specific shot it would kill the entire feel and the heart ache of the viewer would not exist.

The editing is very well done, a lot of swipes are used to create continuity, especially through scenes between Arash and Helena. For example a tracking shot/ swipe is used when Helena is looking out of the window. I like the thought in this shot as it just comes to show how strong their bond is, suiting the narrative very well. This is a very good way in connecting the audience with the narrative as every shot used drags us closer into the mise-en-scene.

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