Sunday, 16 September 2012

Biography / Research on an artist of my choice

I have chosen Drake as my musician as i really look up to his progression at such a young age. I done some research on his life before and during his music career and managed to gather up some information.

Drake Grahem was born in October 24th 1986 into a mixed race family and was raised Jewish. He first discovered fame when he was offered a role in a Canadian drama playing Jimmy Brooks. This teen soap was very popular at the time and he lasted seven seasons. This helped Drake build a reputation before he entered the music industry.

Drake signed a major record label with 'Young Money' in 2009 joining big names such as Lil Wayne and Bird Man. Drake managed to progress through the industry very fast with his hit songs 'Every Girl, Best I Ever Had and Money to Blow'. It wasn't too long for Drake to become known world wide as his buzz kept growing throughout countries.

A lot of news has been coming up involving Drake such as his discrete relationship with Rihanna and feelings towards Nicki Minaj which he does not deny. He produces all types of music as he can sing as well as rap. Drake is known to be under 'RnB/Rap' genre but he is very flexible with his music and is able to make music under different genres such as Pop.

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