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Evaluation 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Frame 1

My media product uses current conventions of the UK Rap genre by making sure I was dressed in a specific way for my music video. I wore clothing such as a jean jacket, a snap-back (cap), jeans and trainers to try present my self as a rap figure to my audience. I feel i managed to dress well for the music video as i don't seem too street yet I do look like a rapper. I also feel that my target audience will view this video and be presented a professional feel just through the way I am dressed within the video. When watching other real media products within UK rap genre i noticed all the artists presented are dressed similarly to the way I am dressed, especially with the baseball cap over the eyes.

Frame 2
I have selected this second frame as I feel it does both, challenge yet use conventions of real media products. The location of the music video is all taken out doors. While doing my research i discovered that a lot of real media products within the UK are done indoors, yet a lot of them are also done outdoors. This frame supports the conventions of taking a music video out doors. I feel this was a good thing to do as the natural lighting came to good use while editing and it made my music video seem a lot more natural. It also saved a lot of time while recording and gave me and my partner a lot of different opportunities to take different types of shots. The only downfall is we did not have control on specific things such as the weather, people walking past the frame etc. It also goes with the conventions of having a lot of close ups of the artist within a music video.

Frame 3
While editing the music video I involved slow paced editing on my verse as the tempo of the lyrics are slow. An example of a music video that does this is French Montana - Devil wants my soul. Further into the song Prof.Hit gets involved and his rap tempo is a lot faster. I made sure that fast pace editing occurs while he is rapping. This made the video look more in one piece with the audio and the visuals. It also brought out the change in rap styles allowing the audience to relate to the artists more as they deliver their rap.

Frame 4
I used different transitions within my music video, i included different fades and cuts throughout my music video to try make it as smooth as possible. I used straight cuts during the rapping but used transitions during the chorus for the narrative. This gives my audience a variety of edits while watching the music video stopping them from getting bored. It was also a good way for me to present my skills within adobe premier.

Frame 5
I used specific special effects to make certain frames stand out slightly, for example I used the lens flare effect on the shot with Moonz Outkast leaning on the colourful wall. It made the left side of the frame lighten up more leaving the other side dark. I felt this made the shot look more unique from the others as it was the only one that had this special effect. I noticed in professional music videos they use special effects on specific frames to make them stand out. This convention was kept in mind while I was editing this shot.

Frame 6
While editing the colour and contrast in my video i kept in mind many previous UK rap videos. I noticed they always saturated the video, taking out some of the colour. I did this in my video and I felt it made it look really good and a lot more professional. It also fitted in with the song and the lyrics as it is a deep and emotional song and by taking out the colour can represent this.

Frame 7

Within our music video me and my partner felt we should involve a narrative. Many professional music videos do this to help keep viewers engaged with the video. Our narrative is in only some parts of the music video, we felt this would be better as we wanted to fill the video up mainly with shots of the artists rapping, helping the audience to gain a bond with our artist.

Frame 8

The final frame that I have chosen is of a the second artist. A nice transition fade is used but is kept on the same shot, showing two of him. This was done to make this frame unique as it wasn't done with any other frame. This has been done in many music videos that I have seen in the past, giving me a idea to do this. It is easy to do and looks very effective on screen.

Shots from professional music videos under the same music genre that have the same conventions

I have selected this frame from the music video 'Good Intentions' by Dappy as it shows the transition made in frame 8. This was the video that gave me and my partner Aruran inspiration to use the effect and apply it within our own music video.

This second frame I have selected from a professional music video is from the song 'Turn Back' performed by K Koke. The reason I have selected it is because of the costume K Koke has on. He simply has a snap-back cap over his eyes which is a main form of cap that is currently in fashion similar to frame 1.

The last frame I have selected is from the music video 'Latin Moon' by Massari. I have selected it because of the narrative within the music video. It doesn't carryout through the entire music video but only at some parts, keeping the audience engaged. This matches to frame 7.

Goodwin's theory analysis 

  • The audio lyrics relate to the visuals.
  • Narrative based music video.
  • Demands from the label is met on representation of artist.

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