Sunday, 11 November 2012

Digipak research

A digipak is a form of packaging that allows the consumer to open it almost as if it's a book. The disc is contained in a plastic trey keeping costs minimal compared to using a jeweled case. The plastic trey case is easy to modify allowing artists to create their own designs on the digipak.

Size of photos - 15x15 CM
Panel - 4 to 8

On the digipak shown above i have noticed consistency with the photos used. They are all of the same male (most likely the artist) wearing a mask with shots taken from different angles. The main attraction is the artist name 'Myth' it is made to stand out by the colours used (yellow and red). The background of the digipak is surrounded by darkness. This may have been done to grab the audience's attention to the foreground. I feel this digipak is very effective as it focuses on the artist creating a bond between Myth and the audience. 

This digipak has given me some ideas with my project as I feel a dark background and a colourful foreground works out very well together. I am gonna use pictures of the artist (Moonz Outkast) for at least three panels to show his importance within the digipak. I am going to do a six panel digipak.

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