Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Digipak font

After a discussion with my partner Aruran we have decided to change a font. We put a couple of potential fonts together to compare them, allowing us to pick the best one. We really liked the first font as we feel it matches the theme well and looks apart of the image. I showed my media teacher the fonts and she really liked the last font in the image below. With deep consideration we have decided to go for the first font as we feel it stands out from the other five.

I then had to think about where we want the text to be positioned within the photo to be effective. We experimented many different text positions and came up with these. After putting the images on Facebook most of the positive feedback received was about image one. I took this feedback to my advantage and chose image one for my final product for my front cover.

Final decision on digipak front cover - 

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