Friday, 5 October 2012

Test Photo-shoot

Me and my partner Aruran went around out sixth form and done a photo-shoot to help enhance our skills. We took three sources of light one directly ahead of me on on my left side and one underneath me by my feet. After taking the photo we took it back and edited it using Photoshop. I managed to edit the colour and contrast and add some cool effects such as a 'cartoonizer'.

We put a lot of thought into the positioning of the lights and tried many different angles. These shots help create a mysterious and dark character.  I chose these two photos as I liked them the best and was able to edit them in a way to make them look unique and different.

For our video shoot we will need to borrow the lights from the sixth form so we can put our skills to good use and try to produce some interesting shots. I feel these shots could have been improved if we had more lights available. If we had an extra light to put on my right shoulder it would make the lighting in the shot look better.

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