Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lip syncing exercise

Over the summer i recorded a 'live session' that included lip syncing. I performed a pre recorded song called 'Raindrops'. We recorded the performance four times and in four different angles, these included a medium straight shot; a high angled medium shot and a close up shot. We also included a tracking shot using a dolly, slowly rolling the camera around me from right to left and left to right as i performed the song. This gave us a variety of shots to chose from while editing.

Editing and sound had to be brought together as we fitted in the lip syncing. I had to make sure that my lips would move along with the words making it look natural and smooth. Unfortunately the lip syncing got delayed on upload making it slightly out of place but there was nothing i could do to prevent this from happening. I used markers to help me lip sync accurately. I put a marker on specific words on where the beat drops making it easier to line up.

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